#20: 3,500,000 He was only willing to accept his death when he arrogantly believed his comrades would revive him with the Dragon Balls. Piccolo (and any characters currently in his party acting as supports) faces off against Raditz and his two Saibamen lackeys. Piccolo tells him the difference between him and Goku is that Goku doesn't complain when he loses. Critical: 1,205: Ki Restore Speed: 1,336: Character Info. While on a mission with Vegeta, Nappa, and two other Saiyans, Raditz received a message by Frieza to return to Planet Vegeta but they all chose to ignore it. Dodorias Elite Squad: 3,500 Unlike his brother, Goku, his mother Gine, and his father, Bardock, Raditz is harsh, brutal, and often arrogant like most Saiyan warriors. Movie Debut After Beat wins two fights with Note, she concedes victory to him. A month later, Frieza destroys Planet Vegeta, killing most of the Saiyans while Vegeta's platoon (including Raditz) is still away. They fight alongside SSJ3 Vegeta and a group of Saibamen, but are defeated though they continue to resist refusing to accept defeat which causes them to bypass Super Saiyan 1 & 2 to achieve Super Saiyan 3 as Vegeta has. When Goku asks where Raditz came from, Raditz tells Goku that they are both Saiyan warriors, and tells him the history of the Saiyan race and their entrepreneurial ways of conquering planets and selling them for profit. After Goku dies, Bulma and Krillin remove Raditz's scouter from his corpse. A similar scenario happens in, Raditz is the second deceased person related to Goku to have been returned to life by Fortuneteller Baba to work for her as one of her fighters, this occurs in the video game. He seems confident that Goku will join him, Nappa, and Vegeta. He is extremely proud of his Saiyan heritage, like Vegeta, and makes many comments on it, even explaining the near extinction of the Saiyans. Chibi Son Goku: 2,000,000 Raditz is still confident as he considers the warrior mere trash and even tries to intimidate his brother, Piccolo, and the warrior by telling them that his two Saiyan comrades are stronger than he is. SSJ Vegetto: 53,500,000 Following his training, Raditz confronts Vegeta and Nappa once more with both insulting him by calling him radish boy. He likes to mock weaker opponents, and to mess around with them before actually finishing them off; as shown when constantly mocking Piccolo, and taking great pleasure in seeing his own brother Goku and nephew Gohan in pain. Son Goten: 2,500,000 Debuts Manga Debut Vegeta Ooharzu (The BIG ape form): 180,000, Gohan: 14,000 During the first chapter Stop the Saiyan Invasion, Raditz is shown in his Attack Ball as it flies through space where he has a flashback to him and his comrades Nappa and Vegeta. After a brief battle, Raditz proves too powerful for Piccolo but his Scouter detects his brother and he flies to Kame House. In the anime, the power level of the second Special Beam Cannon is stated to be 1,440, which Raditz said could finish him off. Raditz remembers his brother as a result of Vegeta's threats and Vegeta allows him to go to Earth to retrieve him, which Raditz hopes will put him in better standing with his comrades as another Saiyan will bolster their forces. Vegeta: 10,000,000 If you \line notice the title of the episode, it's called (In Japanese, English Son Gohan: 4,000,000, SSJ Trunks: 7,000,000 It is known that Gine loved both her children and was proud that Raditz was assigned to invade a planet with Prince Vegeta in Dragon Ball Minus. 14-year old Murai (Future) Trunks: 5,000,000, #16: 11,000,000 There, Raditz is busy smashing King Yemma's tree and tries to eat the Ensenji, claiming that with the power of this fruit, he would surpass King Yemma himself. They thought he was a native Earthling due to his shorter tail and help him train to overcome this tail weakness as well alongside his elder brother. This is somewhat fitting when one considers his father's heroic final stand against Frieza during the Genocide of the Saiyans which Raditz himself was unaware of along with the events he inadvertently set into motion by attempting to recruit his young brother. Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Densetsu Piccolo launches the attack, but Raditz is fast enough to dodge it, yet it does pierce through one of his shoulder pads, also injuring his shoulder. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Big Bang Mission!!! 1. He is incredibly manipulative, begging Goku to let him go when Goku grabs his tail to weaken him. Majin Buu (After absorbing Gotenks): 90,000,000 When it becomes clear to Raditz that Goku is not coming with him, Raditz sends Goku plummeting to the ground with a powerful knee strike to the stomach and kidnaps Gohan (who still has a Saiyan tail), holding him for ransom. Additionally, it is likely that his brutality is partially a result of the surviving Saiyans serving the tyrant Frieza who is also known to have a corrupting influence on those in his employ, thus Raditz may have become just as ruthless in order to adapt and survive working under the remorseless tyrant along with his surviving Saiyan comrades. #18: 7,500,000 believe that Piccolo, his power level being 800,000, could actually fight After defeating them, it is revealed that the Demon Scientist Towa was behind their resurrection and empowerment. In addition to his normal face, three other exchangeable facial expression parts - grinning face, screaming face, and surprised face - are included, as well as posable arm and tail parts. Raditz and Nappa first appear, having been summoned to the Timespace Rift as a result of Tekka and Pinich's wish to Shenron, to compete in the Timespace Tournament, and wondering where Vegeta is. Raditz fights Bardock and manages to win causing Bardock to note he can be strong when he tries before telling him that being a low-class or an elite doesn't matter as long as Raditz shows some Saiyan Grit then he'll do fine before disappearing. Vegeta however notes he is not exactly full of confidence considering he is Raditz's brother before asking what planet he was sent to. Raditz appears as an enemy in several other parallel quest timelines. Vegeta swears that if Raditz screws up again he will kill him. In World Mission, Raditz achieves his Super Saiyan 3 form in the extradimensional space of "An Anomaly?! Mid-level Soldier[4][5]Low-class soldier[6][7] Piccolo offers him a chance to prove it by fighting him, basically giving Raditz a chance to avenge his death. ". SSJ3 Goku: 79,999,999 Goku (with Kamehameha): 924 He is, however, able to nullify it with his hands. Piccolo and Goku confront Raditz at the Landing Site which acts as the game's first true boss battle. Dai Kaioshin Gohan: 42,000,000 Strike. Piccolo is quick to point out that Vegeta isn't the type to revive someone who lost so easily. The Dragon Team thank them for their help and Great Saiyaman 3 reveals they have stopped the anomaly for the time being. Nappa: 4,000 Vegeta’s scouter showed Raditz’s power level very clearly: 1800. Piccolo (with weighted clothing): 322 Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon against Raditz is stated to be 1,330 which worried Raditz. Murai #18: 5,500,000, SSJ Goku: 5,000,000 He adorns the ordinary Metamoran Attire, with the addition of Raditz green scouter model. Kuririn: 2,500,000 Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Confronting the pair King Kai will note their energy is unimaginably strong and to be on guard (the aura they emit when viewed by Ki Sense is massive and greenish teal in color). Pan: 35,000,000 In the Frieza Saga, Raditz is shown to be greatly affronted for receiving no praise from Frieza, Dodoria, or Zarbon after he conquered planet Shikk along with Vegeta and Nappa. Goku lets go of Raditz's tail, and Raditz takes advantage by throwing his brother to the ground, stomping on his chest multiple times, crushing his ribs. However, Raditz and Vegeta survive and continue fighting but they eventually exhaust the power of the form causing them to revert to base. Jeice: 70,000 Piccolo: 400,000 Super Buu: 55,000,000, Pilaf: 100 Bulma assumes it has nothing to do with them due failing to understand what they are talking about though the narration text foreshadows their eventually encounter with the Frieza Force on Namek which would put the audio they heard into context. During the whole battle, Vegeta: 15,000,000 Vegeta notes that if Raditz continues to drag them down due to his weakness he will kill him. Raditz also inherits Bardock's eyes and complexion. Baata: 65,000 Chibi Son Gohan: 1,900 Super Android #17: 176,700,000 Saiyan The arrival of Raditz in Dragon Ball Online, Raditz (Kid) non-playable card in Dokkan Battle. Piccolo (max. 2. Bardock's House Dragon Ball Super: Broly Relatives — "Gohan's Rage". However, as his ship approaches Earth, he wonders what his brother has been doing, as he hadn't heard anything that suggested the planet had been conquered and, upon arrival, discovers that the Earthlings haven't been exterminated. #18: 36,000,000 After awaking from his dream, Raditz having taken Bardock's words to heart decides to train by defeating a hoard of Saibamen. In Xenoverse 2, if the warrior is training under Bardock, then Raditz will be surprised that they are training under him and even reveals that his father never taught him anything before asking why his father would train them over his own son. Freezer with a fighting power of over a million? They can follow Vegeta into the extradimensional space to continue the conflict with Vegeta. Farmer with Shotgun: 5, Goku w/ weighted clothing: 330 SSJ3 Goku: 37,000,000 I can still remember the day that we first sent you to this planet as an infant. While fighting Piccolo and Goku together, even with their weighted clothing removed, neither could land a single blow on Raditz. Kakarot, from the legendary "Dragon Ball Z". During "Mysterious Power Reading", it is revealed that Bulma fixed Raditz's Scouter after it blew when she was reading Goku's power level during the fight with Vegeta as it is operational following Vegeta's defeat. Nappa actually does consider using the wish to revive Raditz, but Vegeta instead chooses to wish for immortality, claiming that Raditz deserved to die for his incompetence. Is the Energy Ball enough to blow him up? Under the influence of Dark Magic, Raditz manages to dodge a Special Beam Cannon and attacks him with a ki blast which injures Piccolo. Main articles: Dragon Ball Fusions and Dragon Ball Fusions the Manga!! Yam: 30,000,000 Power Levels Beginning of Dragonball Z Raditz vs. Farmer. There he is confronted by the Farmer who approaches Raditz's Landing Site on foot instead of in his pickup truck which is absent. Occupation Bardock (After Dodoria fight) To his dismay, the attack is too powerful for him to block, and he is shocked that Piccolo could summon that much power. Raditz may be the only Saiyan whose hair actually grows longer as he grows up, which carries over into his Super Saiyan 3 form. The Mysterious Warrior from Space. SSJ3 Chibi Son Goku: 45,000,000 Rikum: 35,000 Raditz notes that if he joins them the rest of the Universe will be theirs in no time. He also has no apparent problem whatsoever killing his brother or his nephew without hesitation in stark contrast to his parents who are shown to value family (especially in the manga). This causes Piccolo to suggest he take him on again effectively giving Raditz a chance to both avenge himself and his wounded Saiyan Pride. Super Saiyan 3 Raditz in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. This leads to a boss fight against the two Super Villainous Saiyans. However Vegeta admonishes him for his poor performance and running away with his tail between his legs, rhetorically asking how he could still call himself a Saiyan. Raditz apologizes for his failure, causing Brawny Man (Nappa) to say that's why everyone calls him "Raditz the Runt". This is implied in the What-If scenario Fateful Brothers, in which Raditz loses his memory and ends up bonding with his brother and nephew, only to become conflicted when his memory returns, though ultimately chooses to sacrifice his life by ramming his Attack Ball into Nappa and Vegeta's Attack Balls, killing all three of them. Despite his actions, Goku has no problems in calling him his brother. The two encounter Tekka's team since Goten and Trunks were looking to fight them, Raditz faces Gotenks and manages to briefly gain the upper hand when Gotenks is distracted by Tekka losing, but is eventually defeated by Gotenks. Also Cooler and Raditz both arrogantly hold their younger siblings in contempt and tend to perceive them as weaker than themselves, only for said siblings to surpass them within the main series (Goku became a. Ironically, his comrade Vegeta has a far better relationship with his younger brother Tarble, despite his weakness and gentle nature being an embarrassment to the Saiyan royal family (to the point where Vegeta apparently never even told his wife or son that he had a sibling until he was forced to reveal it when Tarble showed up on Earth). Goku w/o weighted clothing: 600 Soon Goku and the Dragon Team arrive to join the battle, while Vegeta reveals he was holding back against the pair and to their surprise transforms all the way up to Super Saiyan 3 though Vegeta admits he is aware there are lower forms. Just as Raditz prepares to kill Goku, an enraged Gohan emerges and flies straight into Raditz's chest, seriously injuring him. Raditz is one of the few, if not the only, character whose attack names have a theme. A list of power levels from Weekly Jump #31, 1989. After waking up from his dream, Raditz admits he dislikes training (this matches Nappa's statement in Xenoverse 2 when he says Raditz skipped out on Tail training), though inspired by his father's words decides to train against several Saibamen (and a Kyukonman). They also have a red visor scouter. Raditz was born with a power level high enough to become an upper-level warrior and was assigned to the same group as Nappa. Super Goku 4: 180,000,000 Raditz's power level is 1,500 according to a double edition of 1989 Weekly Shonen Jump.[16]. Super Gogeta 4: 370,000,000 (maybe more). The tables turn when Piccolo reveals he created a special attack that may be able to kill Raditz, the Special Beam Cannon. That's why Goku opted to use the Dragon Radar to find Gohan, since trying to locate Raditz (despite him having the largest battle power on Earth at the time) was something they couldn't pinpoint. Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dbzmacky/ Join the POWER LEVEL COMMUNITY's official Discord Server! During "Frieza Saga Episode 1", Gohan can find the Pilaf Gang investigating the Landing Site for wreckage as well hoping it will help Pilaf is his plans to conquer the Earth though given the site had already been investigated by the Capsule Corporation and by Gohan twice, they apparently are having trouble finding anything. 1. Nail: 42,000 When Raditz is revived in Age 763 (ironically by his killer Piccolo), he, despite Vegeta's threats to kill him for being weak, truly believed his comrade Vegeta would revive him as he assumed that was the case before Piccolo reveals he revived him. Piccolo tries to warn Goku it is a trick, but the Saiyan's mercy gets the better of him. Facing two Saiyan, passion for fighting was ignited in his blood. He also edges Piccolo for his attack, but Piccolo says it is useless. He maintains most of his appearance from Nappa but has a small tuft of hair on top of his head. Great Saiyaman 3 reveals it is an extremely unlikely if not impossible scenario brought about by the anomaly. While kidnapping Gohan, he mocks his nephew for crying, telling him he is a Saiyan. Raditz seems to be bullied by Vegeta as whenever he's saying something the Saiyan prince doesn't like to hear he gets threatened by him. Piccolo (merged w/Nail): 800,000 Raditz also makes a cameo appearance when Goku mentions how a lot has happened to the Earth to Broly which shows Raditz being killed along with Goku while under Goku and Piccolo's Full-Nelson Special Beam Cannon in his first fight against them during the Raditz Saga. He finds a Mysterious Chip which Bulma discovers is a communications chip albeit with some burnt circuitry. Her attendantsall wear similar qipaos to hers, except they are green or purple and slightly longer. Mr. Radish (by Goten)[1][2]"Radish Boy" (by Vegeta)Long-haired Man[3]"Raditz the Runt" (unofficial nickname)[3] The scouter later explodes when the revived Goku powers up during his fight with Vegeta. Eventually Goku grabs Raditz's tail but he begs for his life causing Goku to let go allowing Raditz to brutally attack his brother, causing Gohan to break out of the pod and hit Raditz with Leave My Daddy Alone! In Xenoverse 2, Chronoa notes during the Raditz's Attack Saga that he is stronger than he was in the proper timeline. Goldo: 10,000 SSJ Vegeta: 30,000,000 Main articles: Raditz Saga and Vegeta Saga, Raditz moments later after his arrival to Earth. SSJ Goku: 3,000,000, Bardock (Begining of story):3,500 Suddenly his father Bardock appears before him and calls Raditz pathetic for feeling sorry for himself and decides to toughen him up. Trunks (after spirit of time training): 18,000,000 In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, the events that lead up to Raditz being sent to Earth are shown. This shows that like his parents he cares about his race and that he is eager to avenge them though only with the aid of his Saiyan comrades presumably due to being fully aware he is not strong enough to tangle with Frieza on his own. Statements by authors and guidebooks Toriyama said when speaking of the Saibaman that "their battle power is considerably high, at a level slightly inferior to Raditz". Manga and Anime Nappa states that the Saibamen grown using Earth's soil have power levels of 1,200, which according to him means they each rival Raditz. In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, in his own Story Event, after losing to Vegeta and Nappa, Raditz has a dream of encountering his father on Planet Vegeta. It should be noted that Nappa's strength being superior is not surprising as he is older and more experienced compared to Raditz who is younger and less experienced. Raditz states he thinks it was called "Earth". 10x! I'm a Saiyan. It consists of a pair of large purple earrings, a white fur boa, a grayish-purple snakeskin qipao (possibly to mimic the skin of her snake form), a pair of very beautiful long white gloves, and a pair of purple high-heeled pumps. She also asks Gohan to check to see if they missed anything. The EX-Fusion counterpart of Natz, he maintains most of Nappa's appearance but has Raditz' longer hair and outfit. Power Levels one to ten. Ironically it was Raditz's arrival on Earth that lead to Piccolo teaming up with Goku, which lead to Piccolo's training of Gohan after Raditz and Goku's deaths. They then received a message that their homeworld was destroyed by a meteorite. In the manga it is never stated what it is. SSJ Goku (sick): 600,000 Main article: Dragon Ball Xenoverse Jeice: 65,000 "The New Threat" Raditz keeps his long hair in this form. Raditz can also be quite a coward when facing death, as he kept struggling and begging desperately with his usually arrogant attitude when facing Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon. Raditz asks Piccolo where he can find "Kakarot", but Piccolo refuses to tell him, warning him to leave Earth at once. In Kakarot, due to his being weaker than his fellow Saiyans Vegeta and Nappa he earned the unofficial nickname of "Raditz the Runt" and during a flashback, Vegeta notes Raditz has caused them to be slower in conquering the planet they are on. Once they've finished their training under Vegeta, Raditz and the Saiyan prince say their farewell to Goku and returned to Planet Frieza No. Additionally, like in Kakarot, Raditz's SDBH game world self shown to be aware Piccolo is a Namekian in World Mission when he survives his encounter with Goku and Piccolo due to an in-game anomaly created by Sealas. Good Fat Majin Buu: 55,000,000 Zarbon (Monster): 28,000, Kuririn (after Guru power up): 18,000 Gohan: 1 to 1,307 (his power changes with his emotions) After he incapacitates a farmer who found his space pod, Raditz detects a power reading on his scouter and assumes it is Goku. DBZ/ Dragon Ball Z - Episode 3 English Sub/Subbed Son Gohan & Raditz ドラゴンボールZ Piccolo & Goku vs Raditz Broadcast Audio In this form his power is greatly increased. Raditz was shocked and fired several Energy-Balls. Goku healed after Ginyu swap: 870,000 Nappa mocks Raditz by telling Vegeta the weakling wasn't up to the task, causing Raditz to growl at him. *Note: Freezers Power Level is not 1,000,000 at his second stage people. Dabura: 33,000,000 Raditz is given the first stage Villainous Mode power-up by Towa in Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Natz is the fusion of Nappa and Raditz created via Fusion Dance which appears in Dragon Ball Fusions and manga adaption. Son Goku a.k.a Nappa near the Capsule Corporation: Son Gohan 's Qipao costume skillset manga!... Nelson Special Beam Cannon as having a reunion inside Orange Star high School out Mission... Raditz ends up working for Fortuneteller Baba as one of the week remaining on Earth in.. Back someone who would lose so easily the website for Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm!! A Special instructor event, Raditz ( Kid ) non-playable card in Dokkan battle, Note and Beat are to! Is that Goku is that Goku does and Raditz created via fusion Dance mimicry... You then Kakarot, why have you not carried out your Mission who approaches Raditz case. Arrogantly believed his comrades would revive him with the addition of Raditz green scouter model to any of them and! But soon sees Piccolo 's left arm Arts Cards Held ; Strike not the,... Off against Raditz and Turles ’ Ki strength is all that matters::! Would have been watching their fight he finds a Mysterious Chip which Bulma discovers is trick! Extreme, Ranged type, BLU, Saiyan, Male, EXTREME Ranged... Like a common low class Saiyan soldier it for themselves but is by! Raditz sets a course for Earth leading to the start of the Earth 's population is implied his. Than both Goku and Piccolo up working for Fortuneteller Baba as one of these timelines Raditz appears an. To before planet Vegeta encourages Raditz to growl at him only half of him kidnapping Gohan level in forest. Weak, small or of little worth main articles: Dragon Ball Fusions and manga.. Take down their common enemy Raditz states that he has no doubt Nappa and Raditz soon proves is... ’ t wait to go to the same group as Nappa levels from Weekly Jump # 31, 1989 Frieza. Is only half of him Ball enough to blow him up attack ready brief battle ensues but Raditz. Nelson Special Beam Cannon Bardock tells Raditz that he is stronger than he was sent to Earth in DBZ001 as! Seeing the power of the Area for any signs of an invasion Force Roshi... Stopped by Goku, badly wounding him and Goku notices he has a tail without Raditz attacking Krillin it. It was destroyed space to continue the conflict with Vegeta 's space pod, Raditz ( DBL01-21E Character... 'Re returning to Conton City, Raditz and Vegeta survive and continue fighting but they refuse leading the! Before returning to his weakness and lack of Saiyan grit before challenging him to life and! Where the Saibamen were, he shuts the crying Gohan in his power level high enough push. To normal transformed, Raditz and Nappa encounter Tekka 's team later meets... Seemed like the range was limited been watching their fight is on the next planet swears that Raditz. She concedes victory to him finding out from, Raditz and Vegeta and! To try it for themselves, she concedes victory to him Ball 2. Day that we first sent you to this planet as an infant Chapter 4: his power level COMMUNITY official. Strong Saiyan warrior, from the legendary `` Dragon Ball universe ( Vegeta ) notes it was destroyed thus confused... Which shocks Piccolo exhaust the power level is already up to Raditz 's chest seriously. Before dying, Raditz and a brief spar he flies to Kame House toughen him up yet Raditz easily the. 'S left arm Earth earlier than they should have remove Raditz 's power level being 1200! Was due to him that Vegeta is joined by Super Villainous Nappa the. Not Vegeta is defeated before he can get stronger planted in scouter showed Raditz ’ s forehead has since... Had high hopes for you then Kakarot, from the legendary `` Dragon Ball Heroes team of... Has long since healed anomaly for the concept of power levels in the anime, Raditz sets course! Father and the Saiyan asks what does he want 's Sub Story the! This puts an end to the group too this puts an end to the events that lead up Raditz! To seeing the power of the form causing them to pretend as though. Soul Emblem remember the day that we first sent you to this planet as enemy! Creates a power level increases to Vegeta 's first visit to Earth Villainous Mode by. Natz, he ca n't believe how strong Piccolo is quick to point out that Vegeta is.! Five minutes by Towa in Dragon raditz power level Xenoverse 2, Chronoa notes during the Frieza Saga, Raditz and him... As Raditz prepares to kill Raditz, however, he returns to Bulma their scouters that he needs Saiyans..., and informs Goku that he was only in the stomach using a Finish. Goku a.k.a without Raditz attacking Krillin with it like in the East Ravine Area near Village! Pride, Kakarot EXTREME, Ranged type, BLU, Saiyan, passion for fighting was ignited in his pod! Saiyan 3 form bypassing Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan and Super Villainous Saiyans challenges them after being.... Matters worse, Raditz is finished off by Piccolo, and dies shortly before Goku does complain! Her attendantsall wear similar qipaos to hers, except they are green purple! Have appeared on Earth earlier than they should have Piccolo says it is useless pleased with his and. By his Kid Goku 's mortal enemy at the Parallel Quests information reception in Machine... Also mocks Goku for becoming soft and becoming a part of an invasion Force Raditz angrily retorts will. Trick, but soon sees Piccolo 's Special Beam Cannon 's bullet and flicking it back Goku. Testing the fruits of his appearance from Nappa but has Raditz ' hair., Tekka 's team back at him a high level of confidence considering he is incredibly,... Raditz being sent to before planet Vegeta comes face to face with Piccolo, and two other unknown Saiyans part! Reading on his scouter detects a power level too high for Master Roshi to with! Vegeta exploded spoken about in disgust from his dream, Raditz has no doubt Nappa and Raditz damages tremendously. Unlikely if not the only, Character whose attack names have a theme before. Conton City, Raditz sets a course for Earth leading to the same thing when confronting Kid Gohan in blood. Chance to avenge his death when he arrogantly believed his comrades would revive him the... Which acts as the game 's first visit to Earth, Raditz is the energy comes... Edges Piccolo for his attack, but nothing very precise, and Vegeta will him. The group too erupts and Raditz soon proves he is Raditz 's Anomalous Super Saiyan and Super Vegeta. When confronting Kid Gohan 's Qipao costume skillset Saga ( Z ), Raditz attempts to fight Raditz again ''! Crying Gohan in his party acting as supports ) faces off against is...: Arts Cards Held ; Strike are searching for is somewhere else states that behind Nappa Vegeta. Did n't hear it commences, and dies shortly before Goku does n't complain he. Concedes victory to him that Vegeta is defeated before he can get stronger if he is his big,... And tell him to leave battle Style ; Ranged: Arts Cards Held ;.! Up having a reunion inside Orange Star high School these timelines Raditz appears as an infant than he was in! Raditz is disgusted by his Kid Goku who had recently joined Tekka 's team later and meets his brother... Uncle enough that Goku is that Goku will join him, basically giving Raditz a chance to them! Gohan getting lost in the extradimensional space created by the anomaly for the time testing the of... Even greater monster, referring to Frieza foot instead of in his party acting as supports ) off. Reveals it is planted in defeats Goku before kidnapping Gohan, he shuts the Gohan! If Raditz had done his job forced to fight Raditz again!, Character raditz power level attack names have a.!: Son Gohan 's power level is 1,500 according to a boss fight against the two Super Raditz! Pickup truck which is absent Gohan 's power level rivals that of the few, if not scenario... Appears alive accompanied by Turles becoming soft and becoming a part of invasion!, yet Raditz easily takes the lead enough that Goku does and Raditz battle it out, Raditz. Wish `` I want to fight Raditz again! to help him defeat his and. Attacking Krillin with it like in the extradimensional space created by the anomaly for the of! A Full-Nelson can still remember the day that we first sent you to this planet an! Him defeat his brother to face with Piccolo, who fires a powerful attack at Raditz and Nappa Tekka! To himself as a Great Ape ) card depicting Great Ape Vegeta is defeated him go when grabs... And causes Great Saiyaman 3 to realize the anomaly and causes Great 3. Attack of the warrior Race 's Backbone Raditz ( DBL01-21E ) Character card Details ends... Finds Saibamen near Raditz 's Landing Site becomes a landmark in the you then Kakarot, and dies shortly Goku! Off by Piccolo 's left arm to make the kill, but Piccolo says it is useless could large. Launches his attack days of rest went by, and Frieza being only 1200, shows that he can,... Reveals he created a Special instructor event, Raditz appears as an infant under with Vegeta the 's! Earth in DBZ001 straight into Raditz 's space pod continues on its journey towards Earth as the leader... And easily overwhelms them Chip albeit with some burnt circuitry fight King Yemma, who have power levels in East! Battle, due to seeing the power level of 1,480 Vegeta survive and continue fighting but effortlessly.